Safety Plus Inc Partners with iSAM


About iSAM – iSAM Group delivers solutions through automation. With over 100 employees worldwide, primarily engineers, physicists, and software developers, and over three decades of experience, iSAM is a leading global supplier of advanced port automation systems, autonomous welding systems, and aircraft repair equipment. In addition, they offer a full range of automation systems, including field equipment, electrical cabinets, PLC, Level 2 systems, and custom software solutions for aviation, maritime, manufacturing, welding, and more.


Even more exciting, iSAM has just announced OPAASOSHA Pre-Check for Accident Avoidance and Safety, which is an innovative addition to their already impressive list of capabilities. OPPAS makes it easy for businesses to track, report, and inspect equipment. The user-friendly system addresses all aspects of equipment inspection and certification. In an interview with Work Safety Review, CEO Dr. Jürgen Hellmich discussed the OPAAS solution and what drove iSAM Group to develop software that could help other companies avoid unnecessary incidents, saying "Every CEO would love to completely eliminate workplace accidents. These accidents are costly to both the operation of the business and any employees involved. OPAAS removes much of the human element that comes with equipment inspections, allowing management to prevent unqualified operators from accessing equipment and unsafe machinery from causing unnecessary incidents,". Discussing the features that he's seen to be the most effective, Hellmich stated, "the automatic lockout of unfit equipment and immediate notification to the relevant supervisor, makes safe work a collaborative effort for our customers. OPAAS is all about avoiding accidents, promoting safety at all times, and ensuring OSHA documentation is properly completed and centrally stored."


About Safety Plus Inc. – Safety Plus Inc. is a full-service safety management company located on the Gulf Coast. With over 30 years of experience Safety Plus services clients across the US in high-risk industries such as construction, electrical, scaffolding, manufacturing, industrial contracting, production, and more. Safety Plus is an industry leader offering Safety Management Software, Safety Program Management & Safety Consulting, Safety Staffing Services, Contractor Qualification Software and Ad Hoc Services. Safety Plus has the capabilities to help businesses with all their safety needs. They serve as a third party safety department for hundreds of companies across the US. In addition, they provide the necessary resources for businesses and owner-clients to manage their safety program or contractors' qualifications effectively and efficiently.


Exciting news for Safety Plus, they are also introducing a new game-changing product so be on the lookout for the big announcement coming soon!


To learn more about how Safety Plus Inc. or iSAM Group can help with your safety management and automation needs, contact us today!


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